iCloud Private Relay is currently interrupted for some users

iCloud Private Relay bei manchen Nutzern aktuell gestört

There appears to be a distinct malfunction in Apple’s system tonight. iCloud Private Relay is currently not available for some users, as can be seen from the relevant push message. Sometimes there also seem to be issues with other services, Apple No statement has been made on this issue yet.

Apparently there were some problems with iCloud on Sunday evening. iCloud Private Relay feature has been switched off many times for users.

This feature hides the origin of its own data traffic by directing it through multiple instances, not all of which are based on Apple, thus strengthening users’ data security. If the function fails, as it does at this time, it notifies the user with a push message.

According to Apple, iCloud Private Relay is still in beta.

Problems not yet listed in Apple

Other services on social media are also reported to have malfunctions, such as issues with iMessage.

At the moment, Apple’s system status page doesn’t have a message about the malfunction, but that could change.

Are all Apple services working for you or are you facing disruptions too?

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