Fritz Meineke exposes “fakes” on his YouTube show

Fritz Meineke exposes "fakes" on his YouTube show

Fritz Meineke explains the timing of “7 vs. Wild” on YouTube.Photo: Fritz Meineke/YouTube


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The second season of “7 Vs Wild” is currently streaming on YouTube with even more success than the first: For example, the second episode has already garnered over ten million views within just two weeks. However, with a lot of attention, the issue also brought a lot of criticism: some complained fan about the alleged sexual thumbel two episode fourThe candidate who shows Sabrina scantily clad.

Now, Fritz Meineke, one of the format’s participants and founders, has harsh words about the production. But this time it’s a completely different topic: In his detailed commentary on the show Twitter he allegedly complains about the wrong timewith which the episodes are provided.

Fritz Meineke is furious about “7 vs. Wild”

In his stream on November 21, Meinek takes the second episode off his chest and gets really angry at the beginning: he’s convinced that production didn’t take the timing information very seriously.

The date of suspension of participants on the island is “on the first day, 9.47 am”. According to Meineke, this is not true. Angry 33-year-old:

“This is a lie. What’s going on here? Are you kidding me? Can we name this straight: ‘7 vs. Wild’ – FAKE!”

Meinecke apparently has no problem handing it against the format he helped himself to. Instead, he wants to be honest with his community: “You know I’m transparent, and if production bites some dirt in the background, I’ll discuss it with you. I don’t care!” This is my video, my project, my channel. If something like this happens: It doesn’t work,” he continues to be annoyed.

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Explanation for “7 vs. Wild”

“We didn’t take off until 11 or 12 AM,” Meineke explained. Accordingly, it must have been around 1 a.m. or 1:30 p.m. when the participants were exposed. This is precisely what makes a “huge difference”, says the Magdeburg native.

Background of the Excitement: If participants only land on the island in the afternoon, they have less time to acquaint themselves with local conditions or to prepare their sleeping quarters. “First day, first lie, it doesn’t work that way,” Meineke mutters at the end.

He points out whether the time given as 9:47 a.m. might not be local time but German time. But even that doesn’t quite work: Central European Time is six hours ahead of Panama.

As evidenced by the comments on the stream, many fans were also surprised by the timing of the show. “That’s why it got dark so quickly,” writes one person, for example, who clearly sees the light after Meineke’s explanation.

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