From 2022: Loda Definitely Airbus A320 to Boeing 737. Will switch to

From 2022: Loda Definitely Airbus A320 to Boeing 737.  Will switch to

No more Airbus in a subsidiary of a low cost airline. Laura will return the first A320s next winter and switch to the Boeing 737.

Michael O’Leary stated that an order would have no less than 100 aircraft. 50 Airbus A321 is desired by a firm order Secure another 50 through an option, the head of Ryanair said two years ago. At the time he was still planning that the new Austrian subsidiary, Lda, flying with the Airbus jet, would become a major figure in Europe.

But now Loda is only a shadow of herself. The low-cost airline still operates 29 Airbus A320s, which are now based in Malta. And these too will go away. In the winter season 2021/22, the first A320 will be returned to the leaseholders when Reynaire’s CFO Neil Sorahan announced the annual figures last week.

Agreement with Boeing

As a result, this fleet will disappear in the “next three to four years”, the manager continues. Loda will then induct the Boeing 737 into the fleet “in due time”. Mother Ryanair has firmly ordered 210 Boeing 737 Max 200s, and she plans again Over 100 Boeing 737 Max 10s to order.

CEO O’Leary announced his departure from Airbus a year ago. But first you have to agree with Boeing about compensation for delayed 737-MAX delivery. Last december when Ryanair Raises 737 Max Order declare.

Go back to standard fleet

Gone are the days when O’Leary saw the benefits of being in the fleet of both Airbus and Boeing aircraft. At that time it was said that this is a better way of negotiation. Now the standard fleet value is clearly over-weighted again.

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