Polar Bear at Ice Hockey World Championship: “Winning against Canada is a cruel feeling!” – Our Diary from Latvia – Today with Leon Gawanke – Live Blog – Sports

Polar Bear at Ice Hockey World Championship: "Winning against Canada is a cruel feeling!"  - Our Diary from Latvia - Today with Leon Gawanke - Live Blog - Sports

On Daugawa – An Ice Hockey World Championship Diary.

Recorded by Daniel Goldstein

We randomly publish here Diary entries of Berlin players at Ice Hockey World Championships 2021 in Riga (Latvia). We begin Polar Bear goalkeeper Matthias Neidberger. The 28-year-old native of Düsseldorf is the son of former national defender Andreas Niederberger. His brother Leon plays for the Krefeld Penguins in the German Ice Hockey League. The mother of both is Italian. The German team will take on Italy’s selection in the World Cup opening match on Friday afternoon from 3:15 pm. The game will be broadcast live on Sport 1.

last game

“We could not do a test match with the team due to quarantine rules and all other rules. So my last game was the championship final. Of course, I still look forward to it every moment when I think back on it. The days of our championship party were short and certainly limited due to the epidemic, also due to our leaving for the national team. Nevertheless, it was good that we could celebrate this title with the entire successful team for two or three days.

This was a special season for me. There is something indescribable about winning the championship. We are definitely happy and proud and as a team you feel that you have cracked the code. Even in the context of the national team, it gave us wings to continue and make the tournament successful. “

next game

“I don’t really think about the next game. I sincerely hope that I can start with the goal. It would be fun to play against the Italians. Maybe I can understand a word or two. I don’t know much about Italian ice hockey Knows. Points of contact were too small for him. The only one I really know is Alex Trivelato. I played with him six years ago with the Polar Bears and we often spoke in Italian. But he was the first Not in the game because he unfortunately got infected with COVID-19 in preparation. I wish him and his teammates a speedy recovery! By the way, we are more likely to talk about Italian football because my The family is from Milan and half of Inter and half of Milan cross their fingers. My middle brother is also a fan of Juve. “

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Culinary highlight

“So tonight was Fiochetty’s for dinner. It’s such small noodles, tied like this and filled with ricotta and goat cheese. They were quite tasty. And then of course vegetables, potatoes, noodles, meat. The types, a type of fish, lettuce and then Leon (Gwanke), are Luki (Reichel) and I still treat myself to biscuits that are always freshly laid out.

in the room

“The first two days were quite tiring. After reaching Riga we reached the hotel directly by bus. When we got here, we had dinner together and then had to go to our room. We could not go out for three nights and two days. And only opened the door when the doorbell rang and we brought our food. It was not good, but it was not bad to come down after intense playoffs and short championship celebrations. “

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