Kate and Emily take unplanned flight to Canada KINO.de

Off to Canada!  Kate and Emily leave Berlin due to an exposed paternity lie KINO.de

There will be a big unveiling on “the good times, the bad times” at the Wiedmann House this week. As a result, Emily and Kate leave the neighborhood and leave for Canada. Warning, spoilers will follow!

spend a long time Emily And tuner with the help of a strict agreement cat The secret to keeping your birth father. In a thoughtless moment, Tuner accidentally exposes the lies of paternity, confronting Kate with an absolute accomplishment:

What follows is Emily’s reaction to Tuner’s fatal emotional confession

Shortly after the unwanted revelation, Emily is annoyed at the tuner’s door and wants to investigate Kate. You can find out in advance which lecture tuners to stream on TVNOW Premium. But Emily is lucky because Kate listens attentively to her mother and eventually understands that her parents’ secrecy had a good reason. Still, she asks if Paul traveled to Canada as she learned of Tuner’s paternity. Emily immediately denies this, but realizes how tense the situation is for Kate. Since she does not want to give her daughter any reason to suspect a blended family, the businessman decides.

Some of the daily stars have already decided to move to new shores. You can find out what they are and what the result is in the video:

Streaming Tips of the Week: Young Rock and More

Canada instead of Berlin

So that Kate can live with Paul and see for herself that her stepfather is okay, Emily decides to move with her daughter to Canada, where Paul is currently working on a specialty job as a craftsman. Tuner also appears to agree to the plan and hopes that things will be smooth once he returns and that Kate can build a good relationship with him as a father.

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You can find out if that’s really the case and when Emily and Kate will be back in our neighborhood GZSZ Preview or in the coming weeks, always Monday to Friday at 7:40 pm on RTL.

Which star do you like the most?

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