Easter special from “Grill den Hensler”: Emotional Hymn of Praise by Laffer

Easter special from "Grill den Hensler": Emotional Hymn of Praise by Laffer

Easter surprise in “Grill den Hensler” (VOX): Editors nestle TV chef Stephen Hensler (49)!

Hensler faced three times the stress this time against three celebrities Sonya Cross (48), Mickey Cross (51) and Ilka Basin (50).

Presenter Laura Vontora (33) announced the unique innovation early on: “For the first time, all cooking courses will be cooked in parallel and at the same time during the show!” This meant: Sonya Cross had 40 minutes. 90 minutes for the starter and Mickey Krause main course, and Ilka Bassin had a comfortable 145 minutes for dessert. Hensler, on the other hand, had to design all three courses himself!

Easter Bunny himself brought the menu cardPhoto: RTL/Frank W. Hempel

The TV chef cursed: “Crazy crap.” Swear on Easter? No problem for Hensler, as the TV chef defined his belief as follows: “I believe in life. I’ll be happy if something comes after that, but I don’t believe that.”

After all, Jesus also appeared briefly in the Easter special. Hensler sighed about the new rules: “Jesus, do you have a piece of paper so I can remember it?” Jesus did not have one, but Hensler was given his time. It didn’t make the job easy. Hensler stressed: “It’s like a cooking test. You also have to create a menu within a certain amount of time.”

A star chef smells Easter eggs...

A star chef smells Easter eggs…Photo: RTL/Frank W. Hempel

Celebrity chef coach Johann Leffer (64) also found the new rules challenging: “It’s the great art of knowing when to do what, so that everything turns out well in the end. When we rehearsed this afternoon, we’ve got time to do it.” There was a big problem!”

But all three celebrities put on an impressive performance! Sonya Cross and Mickey Cross in particular stood out.

Easter special candidates Ilka Bassin, Mickey Krause and Sonya Krauss (from left) gave their all

Easter special candidates Ilka Bassin, Mickey Krause and Sonya Krauss (from left) gave their allPhoto: RTL/Frank W. Hempel

Sonya Cross chats during appetizer Relax about your cancer and give courage to those affected! Krauss focused in the kitchen: “I never felt sick. I was doing relatively well the whole time. Above all, I wanted to encourage everyone to take preventive care. Because those 20 minutes saved my life! Always write this on our cell phones, especially us women, because one in eight will be diagnosed with breast cancer at some point in their lives.”

Relaxed and in a good mood, Krauss admitted: “I had chemo the day before yesterday, it works. I find it liberating to talk about it. If you play the trumpet without filtering everything out So you are very free.”

Great Woman: Sonya Krause

Great Woman: Sonya KrausePhoto: RTL/Frank W. Hempel

Stefan Hensler reacts unhappy! Laura Vontora Asks TV Chefs: “Stephen, How Often Do You Take Precautions?” Hensler said happily: “You mean how many times do I put my finger in the butt?”

Vontora reacted solemnly: “No, it’s important. Don’t always make it ridiculous.” Hensler simply hung it: “As a man, you have to do it to do it. As a man you have to get out there. You have to talk a little bit of yourself into it.”

Malle star Mickey Cross hasn’t spoken out about his cancer diagnosis, but spoke about his return to Mallorca’s megapark in early April. The musician is preparing his perfect venison main course: “We weren’t allowed to work for two years, and now it’s finally starting again. We can live our passion. Now it seems that Cooking is my passion, but I love the stage more!”

At the end of the show, all three celebrities won against solo chef Stefan Hensler with a score of 82:75. In the jury’s evaluation of Dessert, it was unexpectedly praised after a tiring and sometimes chaotic show for all involved.

Moderator Laura Vontora wanted to talk about the serious topic of cancer prevention, not so much Stefan Hensler

Moderator Laura Vontora wanted to talk about the serious topic of cancer prevention, not so much Stefan HenslerPhoto: RTL/Frank W. Hempel

Juror Rainer Calmond (73) turned to celebrity coach Johann Lefer: “Now I want to break a lance for Stefan. He’s always here on the ball for more than three hours, always in action. And I’m going to ask you now.” I’m asking: How many master chefs in Germany can, roughly as a percentage, be busy for three hours, always in the spotlight, always being the focal point?”

Johann Leffer began: “I am Stephan’s colleague, we have known each other for many years. I really have to say: how many shows he has done, how he has fought relentlessly and really does with such ambition I’ll say it from my point of view, I’m a little older than you, dear Stephen: I bow down to you, you’re a great cook.

Star chef Johann Lefer (second left) gives a helping hand to Ilka Bassin (left)

Star chef Johann Lefer (second left) gives a helping hand to Ilka Bassin (left)Photo: RTL/Frank W. Hempel

The otherwise cheeky and aggressive Stefan Hensler was touched, embarrassed and, surprisingly, submissive in that moment! Maybe his personal Easter was special, despite the loss.

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