Fuel prices: traffic light dispute over relief cost motorists 70 million euros a day

Fuel prices: traffic light dispute over relief cost motorists 70 million euros a day

The fear of tanks at the pumps, now lakhs of drivers cannot afford gas! And the traffic light combine? Fights!

On Monday evening, another meeting of the SPD, Greens and FDP (“Round of 9”) was adjourned after a good five and a half hours of debate. BILD learned, without any concrete consequences. Instead: There is a lot of confusion about what and how to get relief.

The boss of the BGL Truck Association, Dirk Engelhardt (48), is furious about BILD: “It can’t be that the traffic lights are messed up and we keep paying!” The economics minister, Robert Habeck (52, Greens), should eventually be invited to the energy summit, “which should also be attended by the transport minister, finance minister and federal chancellor”.

The traffic lights are buzzing, the drivers are paying! For more weeks!

Economist Prof. According to Jens Sudekam (46), a liter of fuel is currently about 40 cents too expensive. Meaning: motorists pay around 70 million euros too much. Everyday!

Earns about a billion euros in the last two weeks too much.

Other countries are showing how relief can be achieved: Belgium and the Netherlands, for example, have lowered energy sales taxes, while France and Sweden are adding 15 and 12 cents a liter, respectively.

At the traffic lights, however, there are still no decisions. Meanwhile, there is talk of a bigger package, BILD learned. so either one should tank discount (directly from the gas station attendant) or reduce the energy tax. It’s also possible: a higher commuter allowance.

In addition, there should be other funding programs for eco-renewal of homes (such as insulation). And: Hertz IV recipients can expect another subsidy!

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SPD leader Lars Klingbeil knows times are under pressure and promises a deal this week.

The situation is so complicated that the owners of the traffic lights have to deal with it! Bild learned: Chancellor Olaf Scholz (63, SPD), Economics Minister Robert Habeck (52, Greens) and Finance Minister Christian Lindner (43, FDP) want to discuss the package today – and maybe even decide.

It will be overdue!

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