Second failure in two days ›

Second failure in two days ›

For the second time in a row, Apple’s various cloud-based offerings faced massive disruptions last night. However, being late meant that the bug went largely unnoticed in Europe until it was fixed.

The problems began yesterday at around 11 p.m. and re-affected, among other things, the Apple Music subscription offering, as well as the synchronization of Apple Podcasts and various iCloud services such as iCloud Contacts and iWork Documents, and the App Store. According to Apple, the glitch lasted two hours. As for the scope of the problems, Apple said that “some users” were affected, although it certainly could have been a widespread failure in Apple jargon.

A day earlier, Apple spoke of “few users” when about 30 cloud-based offers were also closed for two hours. Contrary to Apple’s pleasurable statement, the reports accumulating from a large number of users across the globe seemed to have affected almost all users, at least occasionally.

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Memorable dependency on cloud services

The cause of the error does not lie with Apple itself. For the provision of such offers, Apple also relies on the services and basic Internet functions of external providers. However, looking at the implications, it quickly becomes apparent how many users now rely on these same connections. The disruptions not only meant that it was not possible to stream any music or listen to Internet radio and podcasts for a certain period of time, but affected users were sometimes not able to use navigation services or experienced problems accessing content stored online. had to face. Documents, photos and backups suffered.

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