New visuals from the optically promising fantasy RPG • JPGAMES.DE

New visuals from the optically promising fantasy RPG • JPGAMES.DE

Do you still remember? Project Jagran, Probably not, as we last heard about it in 2018. Today Cygames has published new material on a very promising Action RPG.

So – that’s not entirely true. The new visuals, shown at the CyGames Tech Conference, tackle procedurally generated environments and open world rendering tools with the Silista game engine.

In general, the game has only been seen at tech events so far. The live stream is no longer viewable, but is Gematsu protected content,

Anyone who feared that Project Awakening would never see the light of day can rest assured today. Director Junji Taigo revealed in May 2021 that the game would be developed in conjunction with Engine and that the two influenced each other.

Fantasy RPG with great graphics

Project Awakening is an entirely new role-playing game that deserves special attention because of the graphics shown in the trailer. The role-playing game set in a fantasy setting is already in development and is being built under the supervision of experienced developers such as Junji Taigo, who is known for his work on Metal Gear Solid, or Ryosuke Aiba, who has the final title. There is an artistic work on fantasy. titles in your portfolio.

You can watch the trailer from 2018 below. You can find new content here gematsu,


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Construction Materials: Project Jagriti, sygames

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