German techno artist releases his album for the retro console

German techno artist releases his album for the retro console

From Jonathan Harsh ,
German musician Remute also likes to release his albums and songs for retro hardware. For example, his latest album Unity comes as a cartridge for the Game Boy Advance – which includes 16-bit video.

The retro boom is spreading widely. Electronic music abounds in the 8-bit or 16-bit genre, and video game references have been present in music videos from the 90s. But the albums apparently released for the console are relatively new. It seems that one artist who loves retro hardware is Remute. Remute is part of the German tech scene and has released its latest album titled Unity on a Game Boy Advance cartridge.

Techno Albums Plays on Any Game Boy Advance

Since this is a standard cartridge, the album can be played on any Game Boy Advance, Game Boy Advance SP, Game Boy Micro or Nintendo DS (Lite). There is no area lock. Buyers are treated to fifteen catchy songs dealing with the themes of “Unity, Division and Trust”. Remute has its roots in ’90s electro and house music. The soundtrack is paired with “an extremely (technically) optimistic songwriting adventure”.

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As can be seen in the video linked above, not only (uncompressed and generated in real time) sound is waiting for all buyers, as they are provided with atmospheric videos that remind of the good old days. The Game Boy Advance cartridge comes bundled with a platter, but can also be purchased separately. Even before their GBA adventure, Remute released one of their albums as a retro game. R64 is, as the name suggests, Nintendo 64. available for and also features 15 songs by techno artist.

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