German TV Awards 2021: Fremsheim-Moment! Appearance With Ruth Moschner Outraged RTL Viewers – “Low Point”

German TV Awards 2021: Fremsheim-Moment!  Appearance With Ruth Moschner Outraged RTL Viewers - "Low Point"

Behind “The Masked Singer” jury, Ruth Moschner is a crowd-pleaser. At the “German TV Awards 2021”, however, it indirectly caused a stir.

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The award of the “German Television Prize” should really provide many reasons to celebrate. Not so for Ruth Moschner and comedian Tani.

  • Again awarded the “German Television Prize” on 16 September 2021.
  • Comedian Tani and presenter Ruth Moschner were also invited as chief guests.
  • However, both the women made fun of people with their unsuccessful performances.

Cologne – The two women may have imagined it differently: of course Ruth Moschner and comedian Tahani finally wanted to spend a glamorous evening in the spotlight at the final awards of the “German TV Awards” – now that they’re together again, despite the coronavirus. can celebrate together. Clearly a funny joke shouldn’t have been passed on to the audience on her good mood. Because instead of making people laugh, the two faces of television created a lot of enthusiasm and ridicule.

“German TV Awards 2021”: Tahni and Ruth Moschner stand together on the RTL stage and deliver a “Framadescham-Moment”

So it was a failed joke that really made comedian Tahani make fun of people. When she got the support of her TV collaborator Ruth Moschner, both women were caught in the crossfire of significant RTL audiences: First, Tahni took the stage with a blonde wig and elegant glittery ruffles. With this appearance, the comedian wanted to parody his collaborator Ruth Moschner and get a lot of laughs for it.

But it was not so. Not even when Ruth later personally joined her doppelganger on stage at the “German TV Awards” award ceremony. Viewers found this “Double Lottery” appearance to be anything but funny—perhaps also because the controversial performance dragged on.

This is how viewers judge Tahnis Ruth Moschner’s parody at the “German Television Awards 2021”

“Tani as Ruth Moschner wasn’t the best idea,” judges one user on Twitter comparatively diplomatic, while another is more direct: “Two Ruth Moschners? Hell must look like this.”

In fact, many users are of similar opinion and ask whether a Ruth Moschner parody of Tani should really be a “comedy”. Instead, they view the failed fun as a “low point” and find it to be “stupid” and “embarrassing others”.

Other celebrities away from the “German TV Awards” are also creating excitement among TV audiences.

But Tahni and Ruth aren’t the only ones who recently faced a lot of hatred from their audiences. Rather, they seem to be in good company because lately, for example, they have also been concerned. Matt Kelly for “Bizarre Television Moments”.

But other than that, current audience criticism shouldn’t particularly impress Ruth Moschner—after all, she celebrated major successes with the popular show format. “The Masked Singer”. (LRS)

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