The Old Castle in Stuttgart: The State Museum celebrates the opening of the new “Dernitz” foyer – Stuttgart

  Foto: Lichtgut/Julian Rettig

Photo: Lichtgut/Julian Rattig

Landesmuseum Stuttgart celebrated the opening of the new museum foyer over the weekend with a free cultural event

Stuttgart – “Is She Bright Here!” An elderly woman said as she entered Durnitz Hall, the converted old foyer of the old palace. “I’ve been here with my kids before. In the 70s and 80s. Wasn’t there a model of old Stuttgart under the glass?” Now animated scenes reminiscent of the city’s past – projected into a historic window arch. Among other things, an equestrian statue of Duke Eberhard im Barte gallops through the picture, which stands prominently in the Renaissance courtyard. A little boy follows the enticingly colorful, moving photographs.

It took 67 months from the start of conception. On Saturday morning, the time has finally come: the results of the metamorphosis can be seen by the public in the modern lounge of the historic meeting room, framed by a free cultural festival.

Dürnitz should be an open space for all kinds of people

“It’s high time,” jokes Stephen (41). “After all, all our money is here.” Astrid Pellenghar, director of the Württemberg State Museum, as if she heard it, officially thanks the taxpayers a little later. Durnitz had to be a space open to all kinds of people because the citizens helped finance it.

Secretary of State Gisela Splat hopes for diversity in cultural offerings that fill the room with life as well as the composition of the audience. Reinhold Würth, with Adolf Würth GmbH, Durnitz’s premium sponsor, goes one step further: he sees entrance halls, in which people can meet or mingle freely by visiting the museum and even Can consume their own Vespers as the “embodiment of democracy”. . Here everyone is equal. With free admission.

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Durnitz offers 500 seats

Renata Demogla “Fashion?” On the way to the exhibition inspected the newly designed columned hall. She can certainly imagine stopping spontaneously again at some point. Perhaps to meet someone in particular, for example, during a lunch break, or to escape inclement weather. Qualified clothing designer has no doubt that the offer will be accepted. “Word of mouth advertising is sure to work well,” she says. “I guess you won’t always get a seat if the room is set up independently of the museum.” The loose arrangement of seats actually gives the impression that it is quite unpretentious. Durnitz offers 500 seats.

Stephen has settled on the seating area, which is central to the cloakroom and locker and, according to planner Pia Elser, was a core element of the renovation design from the start. “Otherwise you’d always be standing here while you waited for someone,” recalls the veteran Stuttgart resident at the palace. The area around the cash register and museum store quickly took on a chaotic effect, especially when there were a lot of people. He sees it as an asset that you can now sit on the stairs. “The chairs are very comfortable too,” adds his partner quickly. The furniture comes from Walter Knoll AG, which was founded in 1865 and was the royal court supplier for leather goods since 1890. Here too, the past and the present are vaguely intertwined.

Some guests who enjoy their hot drinks in Café Durnitz’s indoor and outdoor area have already forgotten what it looked like before the redesign. Surprised to note that there is no water connection in the hall. Of course, there was no stage either. The new stage will be inaugurated on Saturday by musicians such as the jazz trio Mehl-Stavi-Mehl. “The room sounds great,” says alto saxophonist Magnus Mehl. The new foyer also passed acoustic tests. Astrid Pelenghar looks happy. desireless? Maybe not at all. Owning a space is still a dream for Jung Schloss, the director says and explains the importance of the vision: “Only when you have strong ideas will they finally be realized.”

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