Germany-wide disruption at Vodafone

Germany-wide disruption at Vodafone

There are currently disruptions to the Vodafone network across Germany. The company also confirms this on its website. A little trick can help some users.

Vodafone mobile network currently has nationwide restrictions. Since this morning, the Alle reporting portal has shown a sharp increase in the number of fault reports. The number of reports has increased ten times as compared to the normal situation in the morning.

Problems have also been reported in Vodafone on the support page itself. In the Vodafone Forum, a new breaking message titled “Mobile Telephony 2G/4G Nationwide” was created in the area of ​​disruption. In the article, Vodafone writes that there are specific restrictions on telephony.

Vodafone writes on Twitter that technicians are already working on troubleshooting the issue – and offers a tip that may help resolve reception problems.

activate flight mode

Users can toggle flight mode on and off on their smartphone using system shortcuts. On most Android devices, you swipe your finger down from the top of the screen to get to a menu for important quick settings. The flight mode (usually marked by an airplane symbol) is often hidden. To expand the menu here, either it must be dragged further down with the finger – or it must be swiped left or right on the second panel of the menu.

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