Giant dinosaur skeleton found: how did dinosaurs reach Portugal? , life and wisdom

Giant dinosaur skeleton found: how did dinosaurs reach Portugal?  ,  life and wisdom

Europe’s largest dinosaur skeleton found ,

How did dinosaurs get to Portugal?

What a sensational dinosaur found!

in the garden A house in the Portuguese city of Pombal, researchers have found skeleton that is possibly the largest ever found in Europe living dinosaur found it.

One rib of the animal alone measures three meters: it is a total of 25 meters long and twelve meters high. It is believed to have come from Brachiosaurus – one of the largest animals to have ever lived.

Brachiosaurus also lived in Portugal

Photo: Getty Images/Science Photo Library RF

About 150 million years ago herbivores passed through nature. In the so-called Jurassic period, the supercontinent Pangea began to break apart. At that time, Europe and Portugal were still connected to North America and Asia via land bridges.

Archaeologists continue to find important finds around Pombal: “The area has an important fossil collection of vertebrate animals from the late Jurassic period,” says Elisabeth Malafia from the Faculty of Natural Sciences at the University of Lisbon.

the white bone on the left is the dinosaur skull

the white bone on the left is the dinosaur skull

Photo: Handout / Institut Dom Luiz, Faculdade de Ciencias da Universidad de Lisboa / AFP

In addition to size, the present-day skeletons have another distinctive feature: the animal’s vertebrae and ribs were found in the same position and location as they would have been in dinosaur anatomy.

It is “relatively rare,” said scientist Malafia. The researchers now want to do more excavations at the site and the surrounding area in the coming months.

Which dinosaurs ever lived with us?

In the Jurassic period, Europe still had a tropical, humid climate.

In addition to large herbivores, predators such as the waist-high sickle-clawed dinosaur Trudon were also found here.

The ancestors of the T-Rex also lived in our area: Allosaurus created e.g. Hunting brachiosaurs, it is up to eleven meters long and weighs two tons.

allosaurus skull

allosaurus skull

Photo: Charles Plateau/Reuters

Along with Europasaurus, there was also a smaller version of the larger Brachiosaurus that lived in Germany, but it was still six meters long.

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