Pacaya: Guatemala volcanic mud and ash

Pacaya: Guatemala volcanic mud and ash

For the second time in three days, the cooked volcano is in Guatemala Exploded. The volcano, about 50 kilometers south of Guatemala City, recorded sharp eruptions on Friday – as announced by the Central American country’s Disaster Control Agency.

A mountain of about 2500 meters high rises and has a thick column of ash and gas which has reached an altitude of 5500 meters above sea level. Three lava flows up to 1,500 meters in length have been reported on the southern coast of Pachaya.

Pack an emergency backpack

According to the information, the wind carried coarse-grained ash in a wide and south-west direction to the surrounding communities – a good capital, the district Escuintla, 30 kilometers away, could have gained even more. Pieces of stone can also fall down.

The Department of Civil Protection cited the Volcanic Institute of Guatemala as saying that the volcano has shown a high level of activity during the entire day, it cannot be ruled out that it will rise or at least persist over the next few hours. Invoices.

The population was asked to heed the instructions of the authorities regarding possible evacuations, not to endanger themselves, to cover water tanks, and to wear mouth and nose protection as protection against fine dust.

One kilometer long lava flow

The Department of Civil Protection made the announcement at a time when volcanic activity was high on Wednesday. Strong explosions were recorded that reached 800 meters above the crater. In addition, a pillar of ash, about one kilometer high, was built.

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Volcanoes Institute published in Insuvum Twitter Video recordings and photographs of Pacaya showing how lava flowed down the mountain. On Wednesday, there were three to 800 to 1000 meters long currents in the southeastern part of the volcano, a statement said. Local officials warned on Wednesday that volcanic activity could increase further.

Pakaya is one of the many volcanoes in the region. In rage In June 2018, about 200 people died in the nearby volcano (Volcano de Fuego).

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