GM plans to build 40,000 AC chargers with dealers

GM plans to build 40,000 AC chargers with dealers

General Motors specified recently announced investment plans for the development of charging infrastructure in North America. Along with its dealers, GM will install 40,000 AC charging stations in the USA and Canada from 2022 as part of the “Dealer Community Charging Program”.

Earlier in the month, GM announced at a two-day investor event that it would increase its investment in charging infrastructure to about $750 million by 2025, covering all sectors, including home, workplace and public charging, which will help the USA and Canada. want to cover. As the US carmaker is now explaining, every GM dealer should acquire ten AC chargers in the future and install them in key locations in their respective local communities, for example near commercial areas, apartment buildings, sporting and event facilities. as well as colleges and universities.

According to GM, the charging stations will be publicly accessible. Your roll-out should begin next year. GM President Mark Rees comments that they want to give their customers access to the store where and when they need it. β€œAt the same time, we are working with our dealer network to accelerate the expansion of accessible charging options across the US and Canada – in both underserved, rural and urban areas.” Percentage of the US population lives within ten miles of a GM dealer. “

The company has also announced that it will introduce a line of three of its chargers for home and commercial use starting next year under the name “Ultium Chargers”. The loader was developed in conjunction with CTEK. Specifically, it should be around two 11.5 kW chargers (“Smart” and “Premium Smart”) and one 19.2 kW model (“Premium Smart”). According to GM, all three have Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and dynamic load management. In addition, all three must be OTA-enabled (“over-the-air updates”). The two premium models also feature a customizable touchscreen and an integrated camera. The first Altium Chargers are expected to ship early next year.

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The hardware offensive complements an initiative called “Ultium Charge 360” that was made public in the spring. According to General Motors, it is a charging service for its own customers with a “holistic approach” to cover all charging scenarios. The service is based on agreements with seven major charging networks in North America to facilitate public charging. The carmaker is also involved in a few public charging points: Along with the EVgo, GM announced last summer that it would be manufacturing 2,700 fast chargers.

Meanwhile, GM announced in April that additional functions and collaborations could be added as part of the Altium Charge 360. As of this spring, e-car customers can use the app (such as “MyChevrolet”) to receive real-time information from nearly 60,000 charging points in the United States and Canada, find stations along the route, And can initiate and pay for the charging processes. Hence it is a classic EMP service that brings together the charging points of different providers through roaming.

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