Godfall: Challenger Edition: The slimmed-down version removes the worst part

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Action RPG Godfall is now available in a slimmed-down version for less money. She cancels the story and drops players into three straight endgame modes. The fact that money is being asked for it is mainly used for advertising, as the “Challenger Edition” is actually available free of charge.

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Although the new version of the game is priced – it should cost around 15 euros – it is currently being offered at no extra cost on all platforms. It can be obtained on PlayStation consoles as part of the PlayStation Plus program from December 7th until the end of the month; on pc it will via Epic Games Store Available for free from December 9 to December 16.

With the Challenger Edition, players can optionally level up their character instantly and play Endgame Mode immediately with the right starting equipment. In the “Lightbringer” mode, which was added only in August, you’ll have to close three tears in “courses” and finish a boss fight at the end. Dreamstone promises randomly generated battles with various challenges, “Tower of Trials” consists of a series of increasingly difficult levels. Matchmaking and cross play is possible without any restrictions with the full versions of Godfall.

PlayStation owners weren’t too excited about it, report eurogamer, As part of the subscription, they expect full versions of full-priced games, not something they see as a demo that advertises a 45-euro upgrade to the normal version. The developers avoided this label in a statement to the site and “Low production with limited features,

effect doubtful

Such a stripped-down version of the game serves a double function. First, it brings new players into the endgame, easily making the most of the game in loot games. Buyers of full-priced versions benefit from such an increased player pool.

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Obviously, this is intended to encourage people to buy the campaign as an appetizer and thus fulfills the function of a demo by making the potentially exciting part of Godfall accessible as an approach. Whether this will work is an open question, because, as players comment on Reddit, the Challenger version basically just lacks tutorials, the campaign is nothing more. Buyers are not quite restricted, rather the opposite is the case. the story will be As Called “Incredibly Blunt Drag”, their missions are there in Dreamstone mode as well. But it does not guarantee great success. Feather metacritic The game scores only 59 out of 100 or 3.9 out of 10, which is due not only to the story, but to the game mechanics as well.

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