“Goodbye Germany”: This is what the Hartmann family is doing in Canada today

The Hartmann family moved to Canada from Bavaria in 2017. There was also “Goodbye Germany” with a family of five. Today they are like that.

This episode from about five years ago”goodbye germany(Fridays, 8:15 p.m. on VOX) for the first time. hartman family The migrant is the focal point of the documentary. Three kids, two adults and a dream of the vastness of Canada. manfred hartmann moved there with my wife in 2017 Barbara for North America. A job at a cafe lured him to Nova Scotia on the country’s east coast. But even during the shooting, viewers learn that not everything is as rosy as the Bavarian emigrants imagined.

Hartmanns: With Emigration Barriers

In Vegport, the Hartmans take over Sam and Esther’s coffee shop. But after a few weeks disagreements arose. The fact that the Hartmanns wanted to offer Bavarian specialties was not so well received at the café, which until then had French touches. The turnover was good, but perhaps it was a thorn in the side for both owners, as within a few weeks the Hartmans almost exceeded the café operators’ annual turnover. “Everything had to be French, we weren’t allowed to do anything, we were controlled. We were exposed to constant control,” Hartman described his time working with Sam. He really wanted to leave the cafe in good hands – but it seems these hands were too good for him.

The episode about Florida immigrant Demi Tatzel was also out of date. You can find out here how she is doing today.

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“Goodbye Germany”: threatened return migration

Barbara and Manfred Hartmann finally find new jobs at a hotel. She as a maid, he in the kitchen. It wasn’t much, but it helped a family of five make ends meet. They bought a house on the water and had big plans to open their own cafe. It also ends the episode “Goodbye Germany”. But migrants went even further …

That’s how the Hartmann family feels in 2022

Now he runs his own bakery. However, not in the Canadian state of Nova Scotia, but on the west coast of the country. They are now at home in Salmon Arms, about 450 kilometers from Vancouver. Hartmann’s Bakery is located in a shopping mall. “Honest, simple, satisfying” – this is the slogan of the bakery in German.

The Hartmann family shows off their baked goods on Instagram and behold, the bakery may actually be in Germany. You would normally look in vain for such delicious rolls, cakes and biscuits in North America.

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