Gottschalk, Kruger and Flachwitz

Gottschalk, Kruger and Flachwitz

The first two guests of the evening do not care about the inner race for the title of proverbs. Chris Tall and Oliver Pocher are delighted to be there. While one (Chris Toll) has signed on to his “SupernaScene” VHS collection, the other (Oliver Pocher) has also made himself available for a re-enactment of the infamous “Wheel Scene”. “Where are the knives!” Thomas Gottschalk screams with anticipation. “Imagine I was the Wendler!” Oliver Poacher jokes back. “Oh, then I’ll start a run!”, a voice came from the tall white’s mouth.

The Twitter community celebrates “throw wheel fun” like a kid’s birthday party at McDonald’s. The network police also looked at the slowly approaching guests with a critical eye. It doesn’t matter if it’s the three film series collaborators Anja Krauss, Denis Bielmann and Andrea L’Aronz, RTL celebrity expert Frauk Ludovig or Jörg Pilava, who jump “quite effortlessly” from the audience to the stage: no one outsmarts the viral. Does not TV guard socks.

Only Ella Endlich, who occasionally joins the acoustic rock masterpiece “The Pansexual Man” with Mike Kruger, is taken into the hands of a few gender-weary guys. Here the debate is taken to the extreme when Kruger sings about imposing “suspenders.”

Hino agrees to the “starry sky”.

“40 Years of Super Nose”: Hino and Mike Kruger. (Source: RTL+)

The never-ending Flechwitz relay handover reaches more and more bizarre “highlights” as the gala, which is interrupted by several more exciting ad blocks, continues. At some point Laura Vontora is happy that the two “fucks” (Pocher and Tall) are finally off the stage. But what if, shortly after, Hino pops into the spotlight in a black light jacket and begins singing the Hubert-Kahn hit “Starry Sky” in full playback mode.

Between repeated film memories when a theatrical work from the house of Kruger-Gottschalk attracted six million Germans to theaters and a musical sway and foxtrot clip from “Nipple” writer and NDW icon Markus (“I Wanna Be Fun”) At some point you can’t think about it anymore. But no matter. And Tommy and Mike sing “Rockin’ All the World” together in the rain of confetti.

After three hours, everyone claps loudly – some because that’s how it should be and others because the ghost is finally over.

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