Kim Kardashian alleges – did she ruin Marilyn Monroe’s dress?

Kim Kardashian alleges - did she ruin Marilyn Monroe's dress?

With the rear zip tears are easily seen in the fabric. This is what fashion patrons saw coming, as the material was too porous to execute the dress in this way after 60 years. Furthermore, the photographs show that some of the embroidered crystals are missing, some seem to be genuinely hanging by a thread.

The photographs were given to the collector by a visitor at the exhibition. Because this dress can be seen in Hollywood replays at the moment. Kim Kardashian’s debt also went from here. Ripley has claimed that “great care has been taken to preserve this piece of pop culture history”. However, in the new photos it looks like it wasn’t a complete success. Scott Fortner therefore asks on Instagram: “Was it worth it?” So far, neither Ripley nor Kim Kardashian have commented on the matter.

Kim Kardashian in a Marilyn Monroe dress. (Credit: Dimitrios Kamboris / Getty Images)

Crash diet critiques

Kim Kardashian proudly revealed that she lost more than 15 pounds in a short time to fit the dress after walking the red carpet in May. In return, she gave up sugar and carbohydrates for three weeks, ran twice a day and wore a sauna suit, she later explained in more detail in an interview with the “New York Times.”

Marilyn Monroe 1962: Here the Diva Sings "happy birthday mr president",
Marilyn Monroe 1962: Here the diva sings “Happy Birthday, Mr. President”. (Source: Imago / Cinema Publishers Collection)

Kardashian was only available to walk the red carpet in costume. Change in iconic apparel or body make-up was prohibited. Marilyn Monroe wore the costume in 1962 when she sang the famous “Happy Birthday” serenade to then-US President JF Kennedy.

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