Bought a faulty device? This is how companies cheat with broken goods

Bought a faulty device?  This is how companies cheat with broken goods

Affected people often received no response to inquiries when they reported defective goods to the seller. And if there is a reply, the buyers will be sent back and forth between the dealer and the manufacturer, it said.

Defects or general wear and tear?

It is also often difficult for customers to prove that there are no defects. In the case of defects that only become apparent over time, dealers often refer to them as normal wear and tear.

Consumer advocates are strongly advised against signing documents stating that you will bear the cost of rectifying the defect yourself. This often happens when customer service comes home to inspect the defect.

Beware of Goodwill Repair

Another trap for consumers is the repair of electronic equipment from Goodwill. If manufacturers fix a defect with it, it is not recognized as such, which can lead to further problems, he says.

“Without a defect, one cannot speak of supplementary performance. But it is necessary so that those affected have the right to a refund or to withdraw from the contract in the event of a new defect.” In the event of a dispute, those affected would have to prove that there was a defect. And experience has shown that it is not easy.

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