Haiti: Security Forces Clearly Prevent Coup

Haiti: Security Forces Clearly Prevent Coup

in Haiti According to the government, a coup failed. According to the agency’s report, both President Juvanel Mose and Prime Minister Joseph Jute claim that security officials tried a coup.

More than 20 people were arrested. In a press conference, Mo wasse said that the purpose of this plot was to search for his life. He did not provide any details or evidence.

At the same time, there were serious clashes between protesters and police in Port-au-Prince. The protesters called on President Jovenel Moise to resign and uphold the constitution.

Dispute over length of term

Proponents and opponents of President Moses argue, among other things, when his term began. In Haiti it lasts for five years and always starts on February 7 after elections. The presidential election in October 2015, in which Mosea was elected in the first round, was canceled due to fraud. A year later, he was declared the winner in the second round of repeat elections and was finally sworn in on February 7, 2017.

According to Mosey and his supporters, the term of office began in 2017 – and will continue for the next one year. His opponents claim that Mosey’s term began in February 2016 and therefore it would end on Sunday.

For more than two years, protests, some of them violent, repeatedly crippled Haiti. The protesters are demanding the resignation of Mose, whom he has accused of corruption.

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