Hamburg expert Arlo Pieniak: we have to eat more

Ernährung, Bewegung, Training: Arlow Pieniak weiß, wie es geht. Er ist der MOPO-Fitmacher.

If you want to lose weight, you have to use more than just your energy. For most people, this is the iron rule of weight loss. But as Arlo Pieniak says: this is not true. The Hamburg health expert is of the opinion that we should all be eating a lot more!

Some of Arlow Pieniak’s clients travel hundreds of kilometers to take history at the health specialist’s studio in Eimsbüttel – like multi-entrepreneur Madeleine Alizadeh from Austria. But Hamburg super influencer Milena Karl, model and actress Melissa Dobrik or Revolverheld singer Johannes Strait are also fans of the 45-year-old. thousands of people follow him on your Instagram channel,

During the interview, the MOPO reporter learns of an apparent balance disorder.

Pieniak isn’t a classic fitness coach in many ways. It is important to him not that his clients see success as soon as possible, but that they lead a healthier life in the long run. “We pick everyone up where they are from and work together to get what they want to achieve,” he explains in the MOPO interview.

There’s only 1:1 support here: With “Work It Training” all trainers deal intensively with clients.

First and foremost, it requires a comprehensive inventory, Pieniak says. And the result is usually more than just “Your weight is five kilos too much”: The MOPO reporter, for example, learns from an electrical history during the interview that she suffers from an apparent balance disorder—persistently painful under-eyes. The reason for the area right shoulder blade.

“If you don’t give your body enough energy, it automatically goes into panic mode”

What a pienique finds out has often been overlooked or abused for years. “Where others give up, we go further,” says the 45-year-old. Sometimes there is simply a lack of necessary knowledge. “Most people who come to us already have a strong body awareness,” he explains. But: “They often cling to false beliefs.” For example, the old rule: “burn more calories than you eat” is utter nonsense, Pieniak says.

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Arlo Pieniak in his studio on the Amsbüteller Chausi
Arlow Pieniak is a personal trainer with years of experience in exercise, nutrition and pain management. In his studio at Eimsbütteler Chaussee 66, clients can work on their health with him and his team of trainers.

Losing weight is a long, complicated process, “in which one cog must match with another.” Experts explain it this way: “If you give your body too little energy, it automatically goes into panic mode: progressively justified, it works only to survive due to insufficient energy intake.” In the fall for,” says Piniac. In this mode, the body gains access to all the energy resources that it still has – first of all muscle mass, and only later on excess fat.

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But it has the exact opposite effect: If you lose muscle, you also lose the resources to burn fat over the long term. In theory, all of us — at least those who aren’t severely obese — should eat even more to provide our bodies with the energy they need, experts say.

Arlow Pieniak MOPO Fitness Manufacturer

But then how do you lose weight? Pieniak explains this in “MOPO on the Weekend” on Saturdays. As our new health columnist “Der MOPO-Fitmacher” he will report every week from his wealth of experience as a personal trainer and fitness expert.

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