Build 2021: “Next Generation” Microsoft Boss Nadella on Windows

Build 2021: "Next Generation" Microsoft Boss Nadella on Windows

“The world is not getting easier,” Satya Nadella said in his keynote address at the beginning of the Microsoft Build conference. Because everything is becoming more complex, their company wants to help simplify everything at the same time. Of course, everything means above all IT and the business world. Here too, the CEO noted that technology is finding its way into more and more areas of life. Last year, finally, a digital wave swept across the world.

This can also be seen in the fact that more developers are now being hired by non-tech companies than traditional tech companies. And soon, in Nadella’s opinion, there will no longer be a “tech sector” at all, as each company will have to use the technology and develop it themselves. Welfare, agriculture and automobiles are areas he cites as examples. “Developers will be the ones who decide how the company works.”

And there Create a developer conference Hai, he also holds the prospect of a brilliant future at Microsoft. Every developer and builder is welcome. This is what “next generation” Windows allows. Not much will be revealed about this upcoming Windows yet. This is one of the biggest updates of the last decade. It is already known that Microsoft is working on optics. There are already design insights, a “Sun Valley” look will be made available in the autumn.

In addition, the new Windows should, above all, be more open to developers. And they should be able to monetize their work. How exactly this will work remains to be seen. An example as a keynote speaker is the development of membership tools for teams. With this, Nadella also wants to build understanding of cross-device collaborative apps. Because: Everything will work independently from the devices and collaboratively in the future. You can translate it like this: The future is cloudy.

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Another example for the future is the brewery. While Microsoft recently introduced Mesh as a mixed reality platform where people can meet, the digital twin of a brewery is now being shown. The image is created through a combination of Microsoft platforms and is used to monitor, control and optimize the actual brewery. All processes can be digitally tested and improved, which can be used in offline reality.

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