Trymacs Criticized – Boosting Valorant To Immortal

Trymacs Criticized - Boosting Valorant To Immortal

The Trymacs project “Road to Immortal” is getting a lot of criticism in VALORANT. The community isn’t thrilled at all that a real Iron Player can be promoted to Immortal.

The popular streamer TriMax is actually known by its fans for its Fortnite, Clash Royale and FIFA streams. For a few months he’s also been trying his hand at Riot Games’ shooter VALORANT – and in no time he’s up to second in the entire game.



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That’s not because TriMax is above average on a first-person shooter, though. He only allowed friends and acquaintances to lead him to the immortal position.

path of immortal project

In VALORANT, the ranks are as follows (low to high):

  • Iron
  • Brass
  • silver
  • Sleep
  • platinum
  • Diamond
  • Predominant
  • immortal
  • radians

TriMax, which actually says it plays at Iron level, made it their goal to do it in the shortest time possible VALORANT . to reach the second highest rank in,

noisy Esports Tales Currently (as of July 2022) only 0.5% of all VALORANT players are in the immortal ranks. That means Trymacs has made it one of the best of the best in a short amount of time.

He documented his way there on YouTube.

Helping her rise to the top of the VALORANT ladder system were fellow streamers such as Rumathra, Chefstrobel and Amar, among others.

And this is the point that annoys many Valorant players now.

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Trimacs receives harsh criticism from the VALORANT community

The Twitch streamer has also received harsh criticism on Twitter and in her YouTube comments and has been repeatedly criticized for her “VALORANT piece”.

Many find it unreasonable that dreamers are known to be those they know but are still persuading themselves to be immortal. They feel that the rank is ineligible and that this behavior is unfair, especially for players who are really trying to improve.

Another major criticism is that Trimax is messing up the ranked game for other “real” Immortal players. Because as the streamer himself admits, he is far from playing at the skill level at which he is currently in his game. So it happens time and again that his lack of skill makes him very negative and losing games is not uncommon.

Now Trymacs makes single queue insecure

However, the dreamer does not shy away from criticism. After being promoted to the top of the rank system by his friends in a team of 5, Trimax now goes to battle alone. He started a new YouTube series where he plays solo ranked matches with four other Immortal players.

As you might expect, they are usually very upset when they see streamers see – of course – particular play styles. The skill gap between him and a player who is actually at the Immortal level is huge. It is not uncommon for him to drive his teammates crazy and humiliation from his teammates is inevitable.

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he himself more or less seriously apologizes in a Video For his action:

“It’s eighty, yes I know. Here some immortals will come on my team and they can only lose. That’s stupid, yeah, I’m sorry.”

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