Google TV app – Interface redesign, highlights

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google tv app There is one app for all your streaming services. as well Google Play Movies & Series Now TV has been integrated into the app. Then, just recently, Highlight Announced, which is already available for some users in the United States.

Google TV app – Highlights already available for some users

The Home, Shop, Library, and Watch List tabs are currently located at the bottom of the screen in the Google TV app. At the top of the screen are the For Me, Movie and Series options as well.

With the update, the top control bar will disappear. Instead of the Home tab at the bottom of the screen, there are now highlights, followed by the For Me tab, Shop, and Media Library/Watch List together. You can access your collection through the Media Library/Wish List/Your Stuff tab. An upper bar with the viewing list, movies and series then appears here.

For example, Google-promoted highlights in March show YouTube videos, news, reviews, and other information about movies and shows that interest you. Featured articles open in custom Chrome tabs with a single click. The article can be shared using the share button. Another button shows you similar highlights if needed. There’s a chip in the top left of the article, which then opens the movie in the Google TV app and which you can like or dislike.

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