Free for Android and iOS: Download these apps and games now for free!

If you can’t stand to look at those same apps and games on your phone anymore, this Tuesday we give you a list full of alternatives. We have specially curated apps and games for both android phone as well as for iphone, which are available for free for a limited time only! We’ll show you how you can get these valuable app downloads without emptying your bank account.

Because Google Play Store and Apple App Store regularly offer discounts and promotions where you can only get paid apps for a limited time.

Also free for 1 month:
More than 180 TV channels on up to 4 devices at the same time

Note: We haven’t tested every app on this list. So be careful, as some of these apps may require micro-transactions to proceed through the game or to unlock some options.

What are the main features of NextPit on this list? Sorry Android users, but two of the apps on the list I downloaded are only free for the iPhone. i have game tunnel remover trawler Downloaded for iOS – and since I often use my email cloud as a reminder service, note to self Already installed on my iPhone.

tip: Want to secure free apps for the future, even if you don’t need them now? Just download, install and uninstall it once. That way it’ll still be added to your purchased apps list, and you’ll be able to download it again for free when you need it in the future.

Free Apps for Your Android Phone

These apps are free on the Google Play Store

  • Procam X (HD Camera Pro) ,4.99β‚¬πŸ™‚ ) Procam X brings many professional functions of a professional camera to a smartphone. Among other things, you can display overexposed areas or use virtual horizons, histograms, or manual focus.
  • Alphacast X Screen Mirroring ,4.99€,: Experience great 4K Ultra HD video quality in the enhanced version of Alphacast. Share your live video screen stream across multiple devices at once. With the app, you can securely stream and watch any content from your desktop!
  • 150X Duplicate Remover Pro ,0.49πŸ™‚ If you’ve been taking up your phone or cloud service’s storage with duplicate documents, try this app that promises to remove duplicate files!
  • scanapp ,19.99β‚¬πŸ™‚ Do you want to scan lots of books or documents with your mobile phone? Then ScanApp is perfect for you. Simply place your smartphone in the tripod (or ScanStick) and enjoy the benefits of hands-free scanning.
  • sleep fast, meditation pro ,8.49β‚¬πŸ™‚ Do you have trouble sleeping? Perhaps white noise or other background noise can helpβ€”and this app does just that, providing familiar, soothing sounds like pounding rain, pounding waterfalls, waves breaking on the shore, and bubbling creeks. You won’t stay awake by installing this app because it’s free!
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These mobile games are free on the Google Play Store

  • Wind Wings: Space Shooter ,1.99€,, As a soldier lost in time, in this space shooter you can choose between two different planes that are suitable for different situations. It’s a meticulous test of your reflexes as you blast your way to save the world from aliens.
  • king of defense premium ,1.99πŸ™‚ ) In this tower defense game, you will once again have to deal with monsters that want to get in your way.
  • Special Elite Force Mission ,7.99πŸ™‚ ) Play as an elite soldier and serve your country by eliminating enemies in this shooting game.
  • traffic jam cars puzzle legend ,3.99β‚¬πŸ™‚ The title sounds promising, but basically we’re dealing with a simple, albeit well-rated, match-3 game.
  • Kamikazee Dice Score Card ,1.19): A curious app that lets you join other players at the same table and compete for other players’ points.
  • Word Chess Pro ,1.99β‚¬πŸ™‚ ): How can a play on words be called “relaxed”? Find out with Word Chess PRO, in which your task is to find as many English words as possible with each word jumble. There are five different game modes and over half a million words to choose from.
  • autocracy 3k ,3.99€): The scenario of mankind being enslaved by AI can be scary. But when you’re on the right side of the conflict, it’s always better! Adapted from the Matrix, you, the machine, are now being exploited by humans to gain power while expanding your empire!

Free Apps for Your iPhone

These apps are free for iOS

  • MuseCam – Photo Editor ,9.99β‚¬πŸ™‚ This photo-editing app is aimed more at actual photographers who can handle manual settingsβ€”and less at those who want to quickly smack a few filters onto a photo.
  • Note to Self: Quick Self-Assessment ,2.99β‚¬πŸ™‚ ): If you are the type of person who likes to use email to store information, then this is the perfect app. The good news is that the app developer doesn’t use any third party servers to send your emails.
  • iplatext ,2.99β‚¬πŸ™‚ With this app you can listen to your favorite websites in the form of podcasts. Let iPlayText read the webpage aloud and give your eyes a rest. not interested? You can also use the Google Assistant for this task,
  • Steve Roach Immersion II ,2.99β‚¬πŸ™‚ ) Anyone who likes immersive sounds to focus or just relax, this app navigates the universe Steve Roach (Essential Playlist Apple Music) And allows you to create various mixing combinations of roach loops.
  • great todos ,4.99β‚¬πŸ™‚ Are you a constant procrastinator because you don’t know how to start life with a to-do list? With Super Todo, you can organize and sync all the tasks in your life with iCloud, so you have no excuse not to know what’s next on the list.
  • planetarium mobile ,13.99β‚¬πŸ™‚ Have you ever wondered how small you are in the whole universe? Stellarium Mobile is a planetarium app that shows you exactly what you see when you look at the stars on a clear night.
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These mobile games are free for iOS

  • jump wheels ,0.99€): Paint the wheels and avoid obstacles by tapping on the screen.
  • Shock Clock Arcade ,2.99β‚¬πŸ™‚ A simple game, but one that can guarantee a lot of fun. Jump clock by clock and compete with yourself in this arcade hit with three difficulty modes.
  • tunnel remover trawler ,2.99β‚¬πŸ™‚ Probably one of the most precarious UI games on this list, but who cares? If you too are a nostalgic fan of the Minesweeper game for Windows 3.1 from 1992, this game is pure temptation! And it’s free for a limited time.
  • 2048 – AI Solver ,0.99β‚¬πŸ™‚ ): An extremely difficult puzzle game that has been doing the rounds on the internet for a few years now. Now you can play it directly on your phone. If you get stuck, try Machine Learning Reverse Uno Card: AI provides you with solutions and you can learn by watching it to tackle problems.
  • Vive Le Roy 3 ,4.99β‚¬πŸ™‚ This puzzle and anticipation game does not depend on chance or timing. Puzzle your way by solving mini-puzzles and choosing the right ladder on each floor to save the King’s head from being separated from your shoulders in time.
  • woman outside the window game ,0.99€): Do you want to be (un)pleasantly surprised? You are all alone, and if you look around you, you will surely encounter various surprises – and in a bad way! Try to stay alive!
  • no color ,1.99β‚¬πŸ™‚ This is an interesting app in itself. The premise is simple: Press “Draw” if you like what you see, or “No” if you don’t! Swipe to nudge the image and tap the image to pause, caption, and save. Wasteful and yet a great time waster.
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We hope that our efforts were not in vain and that you found some interesting new apps. Have you found any paid apps on the list? So we’d be happy if you give us a hint in the comments!

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