World of WarCraft: Dragonflight: Pre-Patch Phase 2 is now live!

World of WarCraft: Dragonflight: Pre-Patch Phase 2 is now live!

World of WarCraft’s big new add-on: Dragonflight will launch in two weeks – and Blizzard is already taking the next step in preparations. The next step in this regard has now gone live.

already world of warcraft: dragon flight, which will finally launch on November 29, Blizzard is now taking the next step in preparation and has rolled out Phase 2 of the same update. You get new content before new add-ons.

Specifically, there is a new class and race combination with Collar of Drakthir, a new area with “The Forbidden Island”, a new dungeon with Uldman and another game event with “Unleashed Hurricane”.

The official information about individual content is as follows:

  • New Class/Race Combo: Collar of the Drakthir
    • Players who pre-purchased World of Warcraft: Dragonflight will be able to create and play as a character with the new hero class, Drakthire.
  • new field: Forbidden Island
    • Players can play through the starting area for Callers of the Drachtyre and get a glimpse into the history of the Dragon Islands and the resurgent threats they pose to their inhabitants.
  • New Dungeon: Uldman – Legacy of Tyr
    • Players can return to a modified classic dungeon at Alexstrasza’s command to recover a mystical relic. The relic is said to contain the memories of Tyr, a dead guard and former ally of the Dragonflights.
  • In-Game Events: Unleashed Hurricane
    • Players can replay primitive elemental attacks in new quests and world events that herald the beginning of Dragonflight.
World of Warcraft: Dragonflight – Launch Cinematic – “Take to the Skies”

As a tasty appetizer for the release of the new WoW expansion Dragonflight on November 28th, Blizzard has donated a cinematic launch trailer.

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