SvelteStorm: First IDE for JavaScript Framework Svelte Published

SvelteStorm: First IDE for JavaScript Framework Svelte Published

The new open source IDE SvelteStorm has just been released. It aims to make the JavaScript framework easier to work with and is based on Svelte and Electron.

There is a State Manager window on the board in the new development environment SvelteStorm. This should allow him to visualize state changes in Svelte applications in real time. Further features of SvelteStorm, which aims to offer the Svelte community added value, are access to file directories and a built-in terminal.

Package manager commands are enough to get started with SvelteStorm npm install and npm start. The IDE runs on Windows, Linux and macOS.

In the associated GitHub repository Suggestions are welcome, eg in the form of feature requests.

By saying goodbye to the virtual DOM, Svelte takes a different approach than established JavaScript frameworks such as React or Angular. Instead, Svelte is a compiler that monitors state and updates DOM elements at compile time via the native DOM API. This should give Svelte a head start in terms of performance and bundle size.

Svelte is currently in version 3.38.3. It is enjoying increasing popularity, as shown in this year’s State of JavaScript report. For larger applications, however, Svelte’s approach can be tedious, as the SvelteStorm team acknowledges in its announcement of the open source IDE. This and all other information about SvelteStorm A Medium blog entry can be found in. If you want to deal with Svelte and IDE in more detail, you should take a look at Project official website throw.

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