Nintendo Switch (OLED model) – after 24 hours, compare and burn-in • Nintendo Connect

Nintendo Switch (OLED model) - after 24 hours, compare and burn-in • Nintendo Connect

we have you guys at the end of september Miscellaneous Unboxing-Videos On the new OLED models of the Nintendo Switch – including Kevin Kenson. While so far we have only a brief pleasure With the new Nintendo console, My Name was able to collect several personal impressions of the system over the past week.

In the following two videos, Kevin talks about the first 24 hours with the Nintendo Switch (OLED model) and answers 20+ questions from his community:

In this video you can see 20 different Nintendo Switch games compared to OLED models of the 2019 and soon-to-be-released hybrid consoles:

And finally a video, which was published just minutes ago, with his final thoughts on the system. Among other things, he also says that OLED screen burn-in problem Feather. According to Kevin, you should know that this problem exists – but if you leave automatic brightness active, play a few different bars or use stand-by mode when the console is not actively being used. Yes, you really shouldn’t have a burning problem.

Are you looking forward to October 8th, 2021, when the Nintendo Switch (OLED model) comes next? metroid dread Show up in stores, or do you stick to your current model?

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