MacBook Retina 12” from 2015: Now Officially Outdated

MacBook Retina 12'' from 2015: Now Officially Outdated

A little more than six years after its appearance, Apple put the MacBook 12” on the list of obsolete devices.

Apple has MacBook 12” from late 2015 first half of 2021

put in your inventory of old and obsolete products
. Therefore the service is only possible to a limited extent, Apple no longer guarantees to have spare parts for older devices in stock. In retrospect, the MacBook from 2015, which received minor processor improvements in 2016 and 2017, marks the way for Apple to move from Intel to its own processors. Above all, MacBooks should be flat, cool and elegant and bring the Retina screen to a compact Mac as well.

The model had no fan, waste heat was completely dissipated from the case, which was filled up to the last corner by a layered battery. And yet it was supposed to be a complete Mac, but it was a failure here. Because Intel Core M is nowhere near as powerful as a Core i processor. The MacBook didn’t really gain a foothold as an entry-level device, as it was more expensive than the MacBook Air, which it should have replaced itself. Apple grounded the MacBook Air in October 2018 and introduced it as the first M1 MacBook in late 2020, showing a MacBook 12” from 2015, so to speak, where Bartel must find: Not a fan, cool, elegant, retina display – but extremely powerful.

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… and Apple went to the rainbow

Another thing was new with the MacBook Retina: colors. For the first time ever, Apple dares to bring a laptop in gold tone, with rose gold also added from the 2016 edition. If you look at today’s color palette of the iPad Air and iMac M1, it’s almost easy to believe that Apple will soon bring back the MacBook: as flat as possible today, in the colors of the Apple rainbow.

Will this model be called the MacBook again or the MacBook Air M2 is an open question.
The MacBook lives on principle.

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