Italy: Two young girls killed while climbing in Wallace Alps

Italy: Two young girls killed while climbing in Wallace Alps

Deadly drama in the Alps!

Two young women died on the Italian-Swiss border at an altitude of more than 4,000 metres.

Martina Swilpo (29) and Paola Viscardi (28), two climbers from Italy’s Piedmont region, had alerted the emergency number if they could not return to the valley due to the weather.

But due to strong winds (up to 80 km/h), the mountain rescue helicopter could not land initially. So a group walked to them from a low hut and reached the group around 9 pm. But the rescuers came too late!

The mountain rescue helicopter had great difficulty landing due to the weatherPhoto: Dapres/

According to the newspaper, one of the two women died “republic” A few minutes later the assistant arrived. The other was taken to the hut. There a doctor tried in vain to revive him.

Only two women’s companions, Valerio Zola (27), survived the hill drama. He was hypothermic and taken to a Swiss hospital with frostbite on his arm.

According to the rescuers, the group was in fact well equipped for mountain tours in normal weather conditions. But her clothes weren’t designed for long stays outside at night.

According to a meteorologist on “La Repubblica”, due to the strong wind, the measured minus 4 °C could be felt as minus 15 °C.

The three Wallaces were out in the Alps about Monte Rosa. Its highest peak in Switzerland is Duforspitz at over 4630 m above sea level.

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