Undermine – Nintendo is coming to Switch on February 11

Undermine - Nintendo is coming to Switch on February 11

UndermineArcane Action Adventure From Developer Thorium entertainmentMore than 600,000 players have already played the game, followed by a launch for the Nintendo Switch on Thursday, February 11 Steam off And through Xbox game pass Enjoyed it

With a pickaxe in hand and courage in your heart, you control a courageous farmer who attacks a mysterious mine in search of unfathomable riches. Fight for your life against the dangers lurking in the depths of darkness. Venture through the lowest fields until the farmer dies, then send the next unfortunate soul to bring their equipment and proceed to the caves.

Blast walls and rocks reveal secret passages, slender pilots claim it before collecting precious gold, and rescue potential allies inside the mine. Fight crooked dungeon dwellers until the end of each level, where space-filling bosses stand between the intrepid miner and his target.

With each new iteration, get creative and look desperately for skill-preserving relics, potions with magical effects, treasures, and other items in hopes that the next iteration will be more successful than the previous. For the lower dynasty, either make the hard decision to hoard gold or spend hard earned money on useful items or helpful upgrades.

Master the mines, then discover new challenges in the real Ragulike Otherin, starting with no upgrades for near-endless replicability. Following five major content updates during Early Access, Thorium will continue to develop the mines in the coming months with upcoming launch-launch updates on all platforms.

“Ever since we released our first early access version, the question our fans have been asking is, ‘When will be on the switch?” Said Derek Johnson, founder of Thorium Entertainment. “Bringing a game to the Nintendo platform is a dream come true and we look forward to seeing new fans at Horde this February!”

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Undermine will be available on Nintendo Switch on Thursday February 11 for $ 19.99. Undermin supports English, French, German, Latin American Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Simplified Chinese, Japanese, Korean and Russian.

for more information please visit official website From Undermine, go to the game Twitter And instagram Join officer Record-server Follow Thorium on, and on Youtube And Twitch.

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