Matthias, president of speed skating, speaks about the gro des

Matthias, president of speed skating, speaks about the gro des

DThey held an “interactive press conference”, which was a decided effort by Mathias Groe, president of the German Speed ​​Skating and Short Track Association (DESG), held on Friday. It had already been scheduled a week earlier, but was postponed due to the “great interest” and necessary changes in “technical options”. Eight days later the line was up.

From June 2020, Gruye, president of DESG, activated the “pseudo bid from Thomas Mann”, as he said: “Every painful truth is better than a lie.” What he wanted to emphasize: No athlete is “one day” without coaching. In recent times, when four sprinters complained in an open letter that their coach Danny Lager had expired. There were “incidents” with Liger that could not be revealed to the public. Grosz left open what was specific but painful about spontaneous support for depressed athletes. “Every athlete is important to us,” he said before attempting a marine analogy: DESG is a ship. “And we lifted this ship from the deepest point of the sea. We are now in port and exchange personnel we deem necessary. ”

The position of the national coach sprint is empty, although “coaches from Canada, the United States, Russia and Northern Europe are certainly applicable to us”. However, the national coach will have to settle in Germany. “We’re having very in-depth discussions, and we’re really very close to a high-class international cast,” Gro said. Meanwhile, it has been decided to create a situation that “is even better with athletes”. It will be filled by former sprinter Samuel Schwarz, who is to serve as a “consultant”. His task: “See and improve any ability.” In addition, Aard van der Wulp Junior National Coaches, Frank Dietrich and Jens Lang will be the top sports speakers.

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The all-around national coach position, which Jenny Wolf no longer wanted to fill after eleven weeks, will be tentatively taken to the Winter Games in Beijing 2022 by team boss Helge Jaish, who has given athletes critical of the great office Was informed that the Presidium accepted their statements as association-damaging values. The athletes did not want to comment on the big statements this Friday.

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