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TORONTO, ON (September 13, 2022) – EV Technology Group Ltd. (Company or EV Technology Group) (NEO: EVTG, OTCQB: EVTGF, DE: B96A) together with MOKE International Limited (MIL or MOKE International) announced that the two companies will join forces to celebrate the prestigious France Sail Grand Prix. Which will be held on 10th September 2018. and on September 11, 2022 in Saint-Tropez, Canada with the SailGP team.

To celebrate the annual SailGP event and show their support for the Canada SailGP team, EV Technology Group and MOKE International hosted a kick-off cocktail reception with the team at the Casa MOKE flagship store in Saint-Tropez on Thursday, 8 September hosted. A special private event session. Guests included members of the Canada SailGP team and investors from the EV Technology Group. Electro-Moke had several VIP drivers during the event and thus contributed to the stability of the event. During the race, the Canada SailGP team proudly displayed the EV Technology Group and MOKE International logos on the team’s F50 to mark the collaboration.

MOKE International CEO Isobel Dando said: We are delighted to be able to support the Canada SailGP team. Your commitment to sustainability is at par with our own quest for a cleaner future. We are committed to protecting the world’s oceans. With the Blue Marine Foundation as the official partner in marine conservation and Casa Moke at their doorstep, working with the team makes perfect sense.

The Electric MOKE is very popular in Saint-Tropez and we were incredibly proud that we were able to use it to transport the team and show it off in all its glory!

The Canada SailGP team was founded less than a year ago by digital technology entrepreneur Fred Pai. Mr. Pai and the team are committed to promoting the sport in Canada and creating possibilities for the next generation of athletes.

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Canada SailGP Team founder and owner Fred Pai said:

Saint-Tropez was the perfect location for the Range Rover France Sail Grand Prix to partner with Moke International and EV Technology Group. Canada SailGP Team, Moke and EV Technology Group share a vision for a future driven by clean energy and there is no better place than Saint-Tropez to cruise in an electric Moke and mark the beginning of many great memories together . We look forward to continuing our cooperation as the season progresses.

As a Canadian public company, EV Technology Group saw an opportunity to support the Canada SailGP team as they have a large following in Canada and SailGP is recognized as one of the most internationally renowned events. Like EV Technology Group, the Canada SailGP team is an expanding business and both are focused on building partnerships and connections in Canada.

The Canada SailGP Team proudly displays the EV Technology Group and MOKE International logo on the team’s F50

Router Vitvoet, CEO and Founder of EV Technology Group, explained: SailGP is something like the Formula One of sailing. We were in a really great position to contribute to this event with our partners and were delighted to be able to support the Canada SailGP team. The Canada SailGP team is focused on getting people excited about sailing and we felt it was similar to our ethos to encourage people to get excited about driving again by driving the iconic electric vehicle.

EV Technology Group

EV Technology Group was established in 2021 with the mission to electrify iconic brands and redefine driving pleasure for the electric age. EV Technology Group is driving the electric revolution through the acquisition of iconic brands, bringing beloved car experiences into the electric age. Backed by a diverse team of enthusiastic entrepreneurs, engineers and drivers, EV Technology Group creates value for its customers by taking the entire customer experience into their own hands – through acquisitions and partnerships of reputed brands with significant growth potential in unique markets and ultimately -to-end function by controlling. For more information visit:

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MOKE and the MOKE logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of MOKE International Limited (MOKE International) in the European Union and other regions. MOKE International, a company registered in England, is the only manufacturer of original MOKE vehicles in the world. The brand was acquired by Casti SpA and has been around since the original registration of the British Motor Corporation in 1964. MOKE FRANCE is the official French licensee. For more information visit:


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EV Technology Group

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