pro max model tops

pro max model tops
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iPhone , iPhone 14 production: Pro Max model tops

Production of the iPhone 14 lineup is already in full swing, but there are clearly obvious divergences between the different models. The production of the iPhone 14 Pro Max is performing at best, but the production of the new iPhone 14 Max has dropped significantly.

Apple is certainly already building the upcoming iPhone 14 at full speed. Production of a new model always begins in the summer. However, not all models are always produced in equal amounts at the same speed. There are clearly clear deviations this year, reflecting the assessment for which Ross Young recently his super followers published.

According to this, the panels of the iPhone 14 Pro Max make up about 28% of the currently produced display. The iPhone 14 Pro and iPhone 14 are each slightly behind at 26%.

iPhone 14 Max still clearly behind in production

The iPhone 14 Max currently lags far behind here, with only 19% of the panels built into this model. The overall assembly looks similar: the iPhone 14 Pro Max is at the top with around 29%, the iPhone 14 Max is at the bottom with around 21%.

The iPhone 14 Max is a model with an estimated 6.7-inch screen diagonal, which, however, lacks all the Pro features – but will probably sell well because of its size.

According to DSCC’s Ross Young, Apple will gain a lot of ground in its supply chain for the iPhone 14 Max in September, so there won’t necessarily be any irregularities in availability.

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