Hazardous Chromium Content! Deichman recalled the sandals

Hazardous Chromium Content!  Deichman recalled the sandals

After the increased content of Chromium VI in children’s sandals, the shoe supplier is now recalling several shoes from a popular brand. There is a risk of allergy.

In the “Elephanten” brand children’s sandals, which Deichmann And sold online, an increased level of Chromium VI was found. This can cause skin allergies. Chromium VI can occur when truly harmless chromium salts are used to tan leather and are converted to chromium VI through chemical reactions. In theory, chromate and chromium VI compounds are highly toxic and may even be carcinogenic. So the manufacturer is now asking for these shoes back.

Which shoes are affected?

Famous children’s shoe brand “Elephanten” has children’s sandals influenced by:

Recall: Deichmann is remembering this children’s shoes. (Source: Producer / Deichman SE)

  • Pink kids sandals
  • Brand “Elephant”
  • Deichman Item Number 1.440.4820
  • Size 28
  • He was also sold on “Myshuz” with item number 1.416.105.

What can affected customers do?

The shoes should no longer be worn and must be returned or brought back to the Dechman branch. There they can be exchanged for other shoes of your choice or money will be returned.

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