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When is crypto mining illegal?

This name was given to crypto mining or crypto prospecting, analogous to gold prospecting. Bitcoin mining is “halved” at regular intervals to counter inflation. As a result, the effort to generate cryptocurrency doubles. So while your own PC was still sufficient in the early days of cryptocurrency, mining today requires more and more computing power. So bitcoin mining today is a very complex and expensive process. Therefore, some people are trying to find cheap ways to acquire the popular digital currency. Two illegal methods are used specifically for this: crypto mining using JavaScript commands and using malware. In the first method, “infected websites” force other people’s computers to mine crypto currencies without obtaining their permission – and most of them without their knowledge. However, this only works when the affected page is called. The second method works by using malware.

Mining Farm at Warsaw Police Headquarters

However, in the case of the Warsaw Police, bitcoin mining was illegal not only because the computing power of others was used without consent, but the power grid and IT systems of the police headquarters were also misused. – Trading bitcoins with Plus500 – that’s how it works. 72% of retail investor accounts lose money using this provider trading cfd. You should consider carefully whether you can afford the high risk of losing your money. – According to information from Computerbase, an IT specialist employed by the police supplied rigged computers to the police headquarters, citing information from Polish news broadcaster TVN24. Along with an accomplice, he abused the headquarters’ power grid and IT systems for “illegal bitcoin mining operations”. Although Bitcoin mining was mentioned more and more in a Polish news channel contribution, according to Computerbase, it is more likely to be Ethereum, “which was ‘mined’ with the help of the wrong police system.” In the event, however, no sensitive data was published and police systems are now secure again.

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Mining farms in Great Britain: the police actually suspected a cannabis plantation

In Birmingham, the police have also made an interesting discovery. Due to the high power consumption, West Midlands Police investigated a building which is located in an industrial area outside the city. It was assumed that there was a cannabis plantation inside the building because the building had all the suspect factors, including the temperature inside. What was really inside, however, was a mining farm with about 100 computers. For this, electricity worth several thousand pounds was illegally diverted. It was not crypto mining that was punishable here, but the theft of electricity. However, when the building was searched, no one was in the house and no one could be arrested, the police said in a report on the incident.

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