Closer to Princess Sofia: Gabriel wants to hide under Julian’s christening gown

Closer to Princess Sofia: Gabriel wants to hide under Julian's christening gown

Such a family celebration is wonderful but can also be exhausting. especially if you like Gabriel of Sweden (3) is only three years old and even the eldest day seems endless. yes, the youngest son of Carl Philip (42) and Sofia of Sweden (36) It has already undergone some major changes in the last few months. because of the birth Prince Julian (4 months) turned the youngest son into the so-called sandwich baby. sudden little brother Prince Alexander (5) is no longer the youngest, but must make room for his beloved brother, who of course everything revolves around baptism. But sometimes even the bravest prince gets fed up and just wants one more thing: a hug with mom! And that happens by bending and breaking. It doesn’t matter whether you have to overcome some small obstacles or not!

How cute does it feel when little Gabriel from Sweden tries to cuddle with mama Sofia and ends up under her brother’s christening gown? We show you in the video above.

Oops! Prince Alexander seems to be in trouble with Aunt Madeleine

By the way, Prince Gabriel is not the only one who creates a stir on this special day. Her big brother Alexander is also coming to mind – as the royal mini is picking up a ruff. By whom? Princess Madeleine (39), the sweet whirlwind’s aunt, apparently clutches the little prince to her chest. At least she gives what she thinks of her nephew. What exactly did Alexander eat? Unfortunately, only two of them know. But the face of the Swedish princess speaks volumes!

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The scene that everyone is whispering about is shown in the video below. And you must have seen the different face of Prince Alexander too!

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