Heide Keller is dead: Dream Ship actress dies

Heide Keller is dead: Dream Ship actress dies

wooHen it got dramatic, there she was. Hyde Keller suddenly came into the picture when women were to be comforted, men were to tame and children were to be looked after. As the main hostess, the actress was a good mother of the “Dream Ship”. Or was it because the main male characters, from captain to ship’s doctor, always looked a bit wooden? Harald Schmidt, who also starred as Oscar Schifferley, called the actors “well-talking dolls on social media”.

Alphonse Kaiser

Editor and Frankfurter Allgemeine Magazine responsible for the section “Germany and the World”.

Heid Keller always kept fit, so that ZDF-The audience liked to let him into the living room on Sunday evening. With the ungrateful name Beatrice Von Ledeber as head hostess, she was a comforting sight on board as she hadn’t gone since the first episode of the series. She survived many captains from Günter König to Heinz Weiss to Siegfried Rauch: from November 22, 1981 to January 1, 2018, believe it or not, she was on the oceans for us 37 years. When they said goodbye, Sasha Hein was standing on the bridge – she too has since resigned.

He wrote at least six scripts for the series.

Heide Keller, who was born in Düsseldorf on October 15, 1939 and raised in Düren, went on to live in Kleve, Wuppertal, Düsseldorf, Cologne, Hamburg, Bonn, Stuttgart, Berlin and Munich after completing a vocational school and acting training for several years. performed in theatres. . She was first seen on television in the Schwank “Der Meisterboxer” side by Willie and Lucy Milowitz. After a few more short appearances, she finally started reaching her peak. Heide Keller was often not satisfied with such a weak script. He further developed his character and also wrote at least six scripts under the strange pseudonym Jack Dupen for the series, which still runs in shallow water today.


1983 “Dream Ship” as the crew Horst Naumann as the ship’s doctor, Heinz Weiss as the captain, Heide Keller as the steward and Sasha Hein as the steward

Image: DPA

His demands on television were recognized after his departure from his harsh words about Florian Silberesen. With the captain of the “Dream Ship”, she told the newspaper Bild, “you don’t add a happy boy who walks around the stage in a good mood to the music”. The captain is “a man who is given his life even in storms and calamities”.

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