Hidden in your fritzbox: simple tasks you should definitely know

Hidden in your fritzbox: simple tasks you should definitely know

Instead of purchasing expensive network storage, for example, to share files with everyone on the home network, Fritzbox owners can simply use an old hard drive or USB stick, accessed by family or roommates with a laptop or smartphone can be done. House. Can use wifi.

To do this, you must first connect your hard drive or USB stick to the FritzBox via a USB port. In FritzBox’s settings You can finish system > FRITZ! Box userIf necessary, activate permissions to access NAS content.

Then a window opens with the network folder “Fritz.NAS“. Now click the right mouse button on the desired memory (USB or hard drive) and select” in the context menu “Connect network drive“. Now all you have to do is”full“Click to use it as network storage.

Short “but”: The performance of a storage medium connected to the Fritzbox via USB (2.0) will never be compared with an actual network hard drive (NAS). When it comes to the speed of writing and reading, you should always give yourself a little time, especially with large files.

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