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streaming service hid delivered today knownhe is after » Excellence in the Shadows« And » love flop« Has secured three more simulcast titles for the Fall 2022 season.


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three new simulcasts

New simulcast title. the fourth season of » Climbing Incentive « (from October 4, 2022), new adventure series »Managing the Novice Alchemist« (from October 3, 2022) as well as the anime adaptation of “My Master Has No Tail” (from 30 September 2022).

All three series, which appear in the original language with English subtitles, are under exclusive license from HIDIVE, although Germany, Austria and Switzerland are not explicitly mentioned. German subtitles not yet planned.

Below is an overview of all the details and a brief overview of the content of the new series. Clicking on the title takes you directly to more information.

New Simulcasts:

» Incentive to Climb: The Next Summit«

The fourth season of » Incentive to climb « will be released 4 October 2022 Original in Japanese with English subtitles hid Can be seen in simulcast.


Aoi prefers indoor hobbies and is afraid of heights, but her childhood friend Hinata prefers to pursue her passion for mountaineering. As young children they once watched the sunrise from the top of a mountain and now they decided to start mountaineering hoping to see that sunrise again.


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»Managing the Novice Alchemist«

adventure series »Managing the Novice Alchemist« starts on 3 October 2022 It is broadcast on Japanese television and in Germany with English subtitles. hid Shown in simulcast.

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The story is of Sarsa, an orphan girl who has recently graduated from the royal school of alchemy. After receiving a remote shop as a gift from her teacher, she begins her long-awaited life as an alchemist. But what awaits him is a backwater shop that is seedier than he could have imagined.

As she gathers materials, trains herself, and sells stuff to become a savvy alchemist, she tries to live her easy alchemist life.

“My Master Has No Tail”

anime adaptation of “My Master Has No Tail” Will be from September 30, 2022 broadcast on Japanese television. hid Shows series in original language with English subtitles in simulcast.


Taisho era. Mameda, a tanuki girl who comes to Osaka and dreams of becoming a human, meets Daikokuti Bunko, a popular rakugo artist. Mameda, impressed by Daikokuti’s story, decides to become his student. Rakugo Artist Training has begun!

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