HIIT or Nordic Walking – Which is Better for the Heart?

HIIT or Nordic Walking - Which is Better for the Heart?

High intensity interval training (HIIT) and running are two of the most popular sports when it comes to getting the heart pumping. But do they have an edge when it comes to long-term heart health?

Nordic walking is wrongly considered an “old man’s game”. When done correctly, walking with sticks is good for fitness, calorie consumption and reducing body fat (reports Fitbook). Now a new study shows that Nordic walking is also good for the heart—apparently even better than HIIT or running.

course of study

As part of the study, the team was led by Dr. Jennifer Reid from the University of Ottawa Heart Institute in Canada with 130 heart patients. They completed a twelve-week training program divided into three different sports groups. One group did a 60-minute indoor Nordic walking workout. The second group did 60 minutes of moderate-to-intensity exercise, including cycling or rowing, while the third group did 45 minutes of high-intensity interval training (HIIT).1

Immediately at the end of the 12-week training program and then after another 14 weeks, subjects took a 6-minute walk test, in cardiology and pneumology, to assess a patient’s performance and be able to monitor it over time. A diagnostic tool did.2

Nordic walking is good for the heart

Conclusion of the scientists: All three types of training had a positive effect on patients who had heart problems along with depression. Nordic walking and both HIIT and cardio were able to improve the subjects’ quality of life. However, when it comes to heart health, studies have shown that Nordic walking tops it.

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For example, participants who did endurance training had a 12 percent increase in functional ability. This increased by 13 percent with HIIT, a 19 percent increase with Nordic walkers.

Functional ability is an indicator of a person’s flexibility. In cardiac patients, it is monitored to identify possible worsening of the condition at an early stage.

Also interesting: Nordic walking can be so diverse

range of study

In order to be able to correctly classify the study and its results, it should be emphasized that on a test of walking it is certainly more likely that “walking training” will perform better than forms of training that do not involve walking. Don’t focus on. It is likely that the head of the study, Dr. Reid agrees. Still, she stresses that studies show Nordic walking is at least a good alternative to other sports.3

Based on the findings of the current study, the research team would like to investigate further. Among other things, they want to find out how different combinations of training forms, such as Nordic walking and HIIT, affect the heart.

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