Hint: messenger after update with better access

Hint: messenger after update with better access

Developers on signal (App store-link) Are still working particularly hard and probably want to provide more comfort to all new and old users. Version 5.4 is now available for download from tomorrow and brings improved access features, including the voiceover details of the message, among other things. Signal is still free to download and can be done on iPhones and iPads. Signal developers also have a macOS app Website made available.

Signal: This is new in version 5.4

  • This update brings some major access improvements, including VoiceOver message descriptions.
  • Even if your thumbs are slow, sending messages in large groups will speed up whenever you send the button.
  • New designs for uploading attachments and loading progress indicators may look better than attachments you may find.
  • Many low memory crashes have now become remote memory crashes. So you can forget about them immediately.

I switched to the signal a few weeks ago on WhatsApp’s changed terms and conditions, and I don’t regret it at all. How I proceeded with my change, you can see mine Comment Read it Have you switched on the signal as well, or do you prefer another messenger?

Signal - Secure Messenger
Signal - Secure Messenger

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