How hygiene affects immunity in children

Theories suggest that exposure to allergens Boosts childhood immune systemThis is why too much hygiene is not recommended in children. Researchers at the London School of Hygiene and Tropical Medicine wanted to prove this claim in a new study. The results showed that keeping the house clean did not affect the development of immunity in young children.

When it becomes too clean for proper hygiene in children

According to the study authors, exposure to microorganisms in early life is essential for the developing immune and metabolic systems. Microorganisms that colonize the intestines, skin and respiratory tract also play an important role in maintaining good health in old age. After reviewing the evidence, the researchers were able to pinpoint four factors. First, the microorganisms found in the modern home are, in large part, not immune system-boosting. Second, vaccines also protect against pathogens humans come into contact with. Third, household cleanliness and hygiene in children does not affect exposure to their natural environment. Finally, recent research suggests that health problems such as allergies often do not arise from removing the organisms. This is more likely to happen when cleaning agents come into contact with the lungs. These cause some kind of damage which leads to allergies.

Smelly socks as a sign of poor hygiene in children at home

That’s why regular and diligent cleaning of your home and personal hygiene for kids is important. As the authors of this study detail, however, these should be aimed at hands and surfaces. It is they who are most often involved in the transmission of infection. In addition, through targeted cleaning practices, parents also limit direct exposure to children’s cleaning products. Exposure to family members, the natural environment, and vaccines can provide humans with any microbial input they need. According to the researchers, these exposures do not contradict intelligent personal hygiene or household cleaning. therefore gives this study suggests that immune regulation would adapt to targeted hygiene in children.

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