How to find Vault Keys in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4?

How to find Vault Keys in Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 4?
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With the new chapter, Fortnite changes, among other things, how vaults work. Players can now find the keys to the Vault on the map. We’ll show you how to find them the quickest!

Gone are the days when you needed a teammate to open the safe. In Chapter 3, Season 4 you can easily find the keys on the map. We will tell how and where to find the keys and how to open the safe.



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Vault keys now on the map and in the chest

Whereas previously you had to team up with at least one partner to open the vault, Epic Games has now simplified the system for single players as well. Safes can be opened in Chapter 3, Season 4 with special keys that you can find on the map.

keys mostly appear as booty on the floor, so you can play a round alone or with your friends. The probability of getting such a key is relatively high.

There is also a chance that you will find the key in the chest.

How to Open Vault in Fortnite?

After finding one or more keys, a keyhole will appear on the map. Go to this location and you should find the safe.

Low-security safes require one key to open, while high-security safes require two keys, but more valuable loot awaits you.

How many keys are there in one round?

The number of safes found in a round determines how many keys you can get. So there can be rounds with many safes, but also rounds with fewer. If there are only a few infamous safes in a round, you may find it a little difficult to find the key.

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