Huawei director jailed in Canada may return to China after US deal

Huawei director jailed in Canada may return to China after US deal

A federal judge in Brooklyn “accepted” the settlement between the US Department of Justice and attorney Ming Wanzhou, who has been under house arrest in Canada for three years and wanted to surrender in a US court to bring justice to your country.

The subject of controversy were false accusations against Iran of evading US sanctions, which could result in a 30-year prison sentence in the US.

During the previous US presidency, Meng was accused of defrauding banks over trade ties with Iran and of hiding equipment for the Tehran regime through Hong Kong-based Skycom in violation of US sanctions.

A settlement reached is known as a deferred indictment, in which the defendant agrees to certain conditions in exchange for abandonment to the Department of Justice.

Reed Weingarten, one of Meng’s attorneys, confirmed the existence of the agreement in an email, but did not provide any details about these terms specifically.

However, it is known that the agreement provides for the postponement of possible allegations of “bank fraud” until the end of 2022.

A Justice Department representative suggested the New York court “delay” the first conspiracy “bank fraud.”

The Justice Department official said that if the agreement is not challenged or violated by that date, the charges will drop.

A three-year judicial and diplomatic battle between Beijing, Washington and Ottawa ends with the acceptance of the terms of the contract.

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