Huge SpaceX rocket booster super heavy rolls onto test stand

Huge SpaceX rocket booster super heavy rolls onto test stand

SpaceX is breaking old conventions and new records with its rocket production for the Starship and Super Heavy. After only six weeks of construction, the first test of a prototype of one of the largest rocket stages ever built provides spectacular images.

Never put such a big booster on a test stand in Texas

For lovers of space activities, there is currently a real spectacle in Boca Chica, Texas. SpaceX is making great progress preparing for the start of the first spaceship orbital flight. The spacecraft forms the upper level, which is to be carried into space by a rocket booster Super Heavy. The first prototype of this rocket stage has now made its way to the test stand.

How Teslarati In its report, writes that Super Heavy Booster 3 (B3) was built by SpaceX at a record speed of just six weeks. the enthusiasts
nasa space flightThose who operate a network of cameras around the SpaceX system were recently able to record in a spectacular video how the giant construction was carried from the production hall via a highway to so-called suborbital pad A.

B3 build…
spacex starship…Closed

These photos once again clarify the true dimensions of the Super Heavy Booster. The construction is 65 meters high, has a diameter of about 9 meters and consists of 36 welded steel elements. When fully refueled, the entire structure would weigh about six times more than a Falcon 9 rocket. In terms of its dimensions, only the Saturn V moon rocket could maintain these values.

hard work

The next step for B3 is a preliminary test with nitrogen gas, with which general structural integrity under pressure can be tested and any leaks can be detected. This is followed by preliminary cryogenic pressure testing to simulate the extreme thermal and mechanical stresses that the rocket stage would be exposed to during refueling and flight. SpaceX uses liquid nitrogen as the actual propellant to test equivalents for liquid oxygen and methane. Interesting detail, which further underscores the size of the project: The super heavy can hold more than 3,100 tons of liquid nitrogen, but according to Teslarati, SpaceX doesn’t have nearly as much capacity built in, at least not currently.

spacex starshipOne of the biggest boosters…
spacex starship…now have to prove myself

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SpaceX According to its own information, it is still pursuing the goal of carrying out the first spacecraft orbital flight in July. Even though the company has big ambitions and real record speed in the field of rocket manufacturing, this goal is not achieved even if the test is completely successful. But one thing is always certain: Over the next few weeks there will be photos from Boca Chica, Texas that will set the hearts of space enthusiasts even faster.

test, spacex, racket, starship, super heavy
test, spacex, racket, starship, super heavy
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