Hungary: Controversial gay law enforced

Hungary: Controversial gay law enforced

Status: 08.07.2021 at 8:00 PM.

Despite heavy criticism abroad and at home, a controversial law restricting information about gay and transsexuality has come into force in Hungary. Many activists in Budapest protested this.

In Hungary, a controversial law prohibiting information on homosexuality and transsexuality has come into force. The Fides party of the right-wing nationalist head of government, Viktor Orban, is sticking to the law, despite sharp criticism of the European Union. Among other things, it prohibits educational programs or advertisements from large companies that express solidarity with gays and transsexuals. There shouldn’t even be an educational book on this anymore. The official goal is the protection of minors.

Many activists protest

Many activists protested the law on the streets of Budapest. “We will not change any of our LGBTQ education programs or any of our campaigns because of homosexuality and transphobic legislation,” said David Vig, head of Amnesty International Hungary in Budapest. As a sign of protest, he stood in front of a ten-meter-high rainbow-colored heart in the Hungarian capital. LGBT is an abbreviation borrowed from English for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender.

Concerns about freedom of expression

Luca Dudits, a board member of the LGBT rights group Hater Society, accused Orban of taking away citizens’ rights by portraying himself abroad as a “freedom fighter”. LGBT activist Dorotya Redai, who lectures on homophobia and bullying in schools, was also concerned: “Teachers will now be afraid to invite us to their schools,” she said.

Hungarian broadcaster RTL Club covered its advertising poster for a popular TV series with a picture of a gay couple as a protest. “We are concerned that the law seriously infringes on freedom of expression and discriminates against non-heterosexual members of society,” read a sticker.

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“gradual dissolution of fundamental rights”

The European Parliament also again opposed the law, which was strongly condemned in a resolution. The law is a “blatant violation” of EU values, principles and legislation. It is also another example of “the deliberate and deliberate promotion of the gradual abrogation of fundamental rights in Hungary.” MEPs called for a cut in funding for Budapest.

Von der Leyen calls for the law to be withdrawn

EU Commission President Ursula von der Leyen previously urged Hungary to immediately withdraw the law. “This law uses the protection of children as an excuse to seriously discriminate against people because of their sexual orientation,” he told the European Parliament on Wednesday. “This is contrary to the core values ​​of the European Union – protection of minorities, human dignity, equality and respect for human rights.”

If Budapest does not correct the law, the commission will use the powers it gained in its role as custodian of the treaties, von der Leyen said.

The Hungarian government, for its part, accused Brussels of an “unprecedented campaign”. According to him, the purpose of the law is only to “give back” to parents how their children will be raised.

Orban defends law against EU criticism

Orbán once again defended the law when it came into force: “The European Parliament and the European Commission want us to exclude LGBTQ activists and organizations in schools and kindergartens. Hungary does not want that,” he said in a video published on the online network. said in.

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Observers believe the head of government would like to use his course to tie his conservative voters to the polls next year.

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