Hurricanes blow across Europe: Many dead including children

Hurricanes blow across Europe: Many dead including children

After weeks of drought and heavy Forest fire Increasingly dangerous storms and thunderstorms are moving west across large parts of Europe. Five people, including two children, were killed when a tree fell on Thursday in Carinthia, Austria. At least five people were killed and about 20 others injured in a typhoon on the French holiday island of Corsica, according to officials. Two people died in a storm that hit Italy’s Tuscany region.

Severe weather warning for large parts of southern Bavaria

Strong thunderstorms are expected in Bavaria from Thursday evening. The German Weather Service specifically warns for South Bavaria hit by heavy storm,

Carinthia: Two children die from trees

In Austria, a storm broke out in the south of the country. According to the State Meteorological Service, wind speeds of up to 139 kilometers per hour were measured. Police and the Red Cross said several trees fell in a small bathing lake in Saint Andra, Carinthia. Two girls aged four and eight were killed and eleven people were injured, some in critical condition. Further north, three others were killed by a tree in Geming, Lower Austria.

Traffic halted in southern Austria

In Styria, Carinthia and East Tyrol, trains were at a standstill several times after power supplies for rail traffic failed due to a storm declared by the Austrian Federal Railways. Due to gusts of wind, dozens of trees fell on the southern Autobahn (A2) in Carinthia near Griffen. There was a power failure in the tunnel as well. Important transport links to Italy were closed in many places for cleaning and repair work.

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thousands of homes without electricity

In Styria, thousands of homes were cut from power supply as high voltage lines and 2,000 transformer stations were damaged. “In many cases, our partners have to cut their way to repair work with a chainsaw,” said a spokesperson for Energy Stearmark at ORF. It can take days if not weeks to repair all the damage.

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